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Bunting Bass Racks

Bunting Bass Racks



  • The 3000 Watt Laser
    A customizable laser-esque sound, perfect for bass layers
  • The Crunchifier
    A simple but powerful rack to add that signature crunch to any bass
  • The Frequency Shifter
    A unique approach to frequency shifting that adds interesting movement to any bass
  • The Growl Rack
    A creative combination of filtering and processing, transforming any sound into a bass growl
  • The Riddimizer
    Turns any bass into riddim through introducing malleable metallic artifacts
  • The UFO Wub
    A wook's dream - practically unlimited and highly customizable wubby goodness
  • The Vocodomatic
    Turns any bass into a gargly bubbly alien with the mere twist of a few knobs
  • The Wobblifier
    Makes any bass wobble
  • The Yo Man
    Deconstructs any bass into a screechy but intimidating mess
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