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Bunting Effect Racks

Bunting Effect Racks



  • The Drip
    2 Clicks and It's Perfect
  • The Dub Riser Rack
    Transforms any vocal into a profoundly psychedelic riser
  • The Dubomatic
    Gives any sound that signature atmospheric dubby delay
  • The Lofi-er
    A highly customizable RC-20 rip off for 1/10 of the price
  • The Psytrancifier
    Turn any sound into a trippy psytrance lead (great for other genres too!)
  • The Riser Rack
    Never dig through noise riser samples again, make your own with ease using this lovely rack
  • The Robot Vocals
    Simply add to any drop vocal to make it not suck
  • The Scratch Rack
    Emulate scratching entirely within Ableton - be the next Tipper


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