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Bunting Mix Racks

Bunting Mix Racks



  • The 808 Fattener
    Quite literally 100x better than Sausage Fattener
  • The Clean Machine
    Makes any muddy unclear sound cleaner than a whistle
  • The Drum Punchomatic
    A godsend - throw these on any drums to save your mixes from suffering from weaksauce
  • The Dry Wet Rack
    A simple rack which enables you to Dry/Wet any audio effect, inside and outside of Ableton
  • The Frequency Splitter
    A slightly less simple rack that splits any sound into 3 bands, all to be individually processed
    Is literally just 50 OTTs
  • The Master Rack
    The rack I use to master my tracks - it cleans them up, makes them punch, and adds sparkle
  • The PHAT RACK +
    A more advanced, feature packed version of the phat rack in my free pack, it fattens your basses
  • The Sidechain
    A deep yet clean and customizable sidechain for both your kicks and snares (but I prefer LFOtool)
  • The Vocals
    Cleans up and brightens any vocal most beautifully, it even de-esses!
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